inspiring fan stories and confessions

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Welcome to Positive Tales! Here, you will find inspiring and positive stories about NAMCO'S Tales of series. This environment is made to be positive, safe, and inspirational. Please use the links to navigate and learn more.

1. What type of submissions do you accept?

Positive Tales accepts any fan related stories, confessions, or thank yous. The point of this blog is to be a constant reminder and beacon of those who may find things a big negative. We hope to inspire and create a place where people can stop and appreciate the smaller things our fans submit. Some examples are:

  • Connections to characters
  • Love of pairings
  • Appreciation for characters, pairings, soundtracks, locations, games, systems, creative team, voice actors, etc etc.
  • Personal stories relating to something in the “Tales of” universe
  • Genuine excitement and positiveness towards the above without shaming or bashing anything else
and, preferably reasoning to support your claims.

2. Does my submission have to be positive?

Yes. That is one thing we will deny a submission over. We do not have set standards of what is “positive”, but if it is passive aggressive towards a character, pairing, game or whatever, we WILL deny it. This is a friendly and open blog. Hopefully, that will continue on with reblogs, debates and discussions of posts. So please FOCUS on the good and not the bad.

3. Hey! My submission hasn’t been posted!

Forgive us. We try our best to make sure things are posted within a day or so, but it’s hard to tell when we will have influx of submissions. If it is not posted within 72 hours, please resubmit.

4. Can I make my own submission image? 

Unfortunately, we are not accepting suggestions for the images. We will attempt to get a high quality image of the character or pairing in the submissive-image itself. Fanart will be credited accordingly, as well. We have a set template that requires fonts and it is simply too much of a hassle.

5. Will I remain anonymous? 

Unless you specifically state otherwise, yes. We do not want to embarrass any submitters on any level.

6. Is there anything special needed to submit? 

No. We ask that people who submit a positive story to use our SUBMIT link and state rather they would like to remain anonymous. This is beneficial for longer stories, as ask boxes have character limits.